Discover the new generation of Fleye drones



A single propeller for a unique experience



Built for fun

Racing drone reinvented



More agile

Three new designs to enhance your experience

Introducing the next generation of Fleye RC Drones. They are redesigned as fun drones to play with and allow piloting directly with a standard 2.4GHz remote control. Simpler and lighter, they also give you a more precise and accurate control  as you can pilot the pitch/roll angle with the sticks. Now, you can use FPV googles or helmet for a total extraordinary experience.

Modes available : Beginner, Advanced and Expert.


D-Fleye (or Ducted Fan Fleye) is similar to the original Fleye design for those who are looking for a unique drone model. It comes with RC control 2.4GHz and slightly longer flight time.

Speed : 10km/h
Ducted Fan : 1 propeller
Weight : 450g
Stabilizer mode
Drone for collectors


Q-Fleye is lighter, faster and friendlier. Its single propeller is replaced with four propellers within four small ducts for better control by varying the thrust. It also allows for quicker reaction as well as faster speed, higher wind tolerance and definitely more control.

30% smaller than Fleye’s original design, it weighs only 250g which saves you from FAA registration if you live in the US.

Speed : 20km/h
Quad : 4 propellers
Weight : 250g
Stabilizer and Acrobatic modes
Fun for everyone
Stock drone


B-Fleye takes form of the original Fleye but has been redesigned for performance. Extremely lightweight and powerful, the B Fleye’s spherical cage enables it to bounce off obstacles and roll on any type of surface to keep itself stable in complex environments or indoor settings.

Folded : H169mm x W197mm x L197mm
Quad : 4 propellers
Max Speed : 120 kph (33 m/s in Acro mode)
Max Flight Time : 8 minutes
Weight (Battery & Propellers Included) : 180g
Carbon fiber structure and collision-tolerant up to 15km/h
Fully FPV integrated
Stabilizer and Acrobatic modes
Racing drone